• Image of Sense by Erosion (CD Digipack)

In February 2018, we locked ourselves in a recording studio for three days straight, and played the songs we’d composed apart, from different countries, over three harsh years.
We got home with the longest album in our career and our best time together.
Our new album is ideally divided in two, the nervous part and the heartening part. It’s a record about leaving people, leaving places parting ways, losing things
Every song in the album is like a slow walk, through hostile territories sometimes, to reach a moment where things finally make sense.

Digisleeve matte lamination, only 200 copies available

Released November 9, 2018
Recorded at Vacuum Studio and mixed at Waiting Room Audio by Enrico Baraldi www.enricobaraldi.com, Mastered at Resonant Mastering Studio by Ed Brooks

All songs and lyrics by Winter Dust